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A photo of myself

A photo of myself

Hello, my name is Monique Ward, however I go by Maggie. Grab a cup of Lemon aid and enjoy your visit. I’m the wife of a loving husband and the mother of three wonderful children. My husband, Mr. Wolf bought me a White QuiltStar from a second-hand store one day just because I wanted to modify my son’s cloth diapers. It had major problems and was very touchy, but I had fun with it. The next thing I know, Mr. Wolf is taking me to the Husqvarna/Viking dealer and getting me a Designer SE/LE. I had fun designing and making quilts and embroidering things for my family. I then began making purses for myself and friends, neckties for Mr. Wolf and our lil man, a horse blanket for our neighbors, and all kinds of other things. Now my sewing studio is full of antique sewing machines, the Designer SE/LE, Miss Diamond, tons of fabric and notions.

A lot has changed ( more on that late 😉 and now I have a few more hobbies that demand my attention. The first being, My family and I are now MORMONS!!!! Which, turns out is one of the best things that could have ever happened to our little wolf den.  While I am far,far,….far from perfect, I am better and farther along thanks to Heavenly Father. More on that later, also 😉

Since the launch of this site I am been found to be completely disabled. As a result, I am no longer accepting customer’s orders.  At the time, I was understandably, devastated that my business had to be shut down. I now know that it was a blessing. I know how the time to home school my children and take up my newest addiction. Miniature Dollhouses! I am currently putting together Dura Crafts “Newberg” house now.

The biggest difference between launch date and now? My illness is no longer  a mystery. No longer is it a journey to figure out what was wrong with me. Now it is a journey through all the symptoms that come with Sjogrens , Psoriatic arthritis, Fibro, and peripheral neuropathy.

I still love making crafts and re-purposing things. Im gonna try to blog regulary and shared some of my discoveries and inventions. Now it is time for me to bring all of my adventures into one location to share with you, the reader, and also to offer you a place for me to share with you. I hope you’ll have fun here and bookmark the site to come back often!





11 comments on “About Me”

  1. Walter Brown Reply

    I have 3 pair of cargo pants purchased on line that only came with a 30″ inseam. They are also very baggy on the legs. can you make alterations to these for me? I you could, please give me a ROUGH estimate of the cost please.

    • Maggie Reply

      In order to give you a correct estimate I would need to know if the cargo pants are jean material or another type. Are you wanting the inseam shortened? Cargo pants by design are suppose to be baggy but even that can be dealt with if it is bugging you to much. Sorry, If took a while to get back to you. I just now gotten back to work after gallbladder surgery 😉

  2. Jeanette Reply

    My great-grandson starts 2nd grade next week. His mother bought him three backpacks and would like his name embroidered on them. Is this something you could do rather quickly? Please advise by email. Thanks

  3. Patty Reply

    I need someone to sew some simple shift dresses for me. I have a pattern and I have seen some material that I like, but I have no skill with sewing machine and I would like them to look professional, not home ec. the first pattern has no zipper, the second pattern does.
    Would you be willing to do this for me
    Thank you

    • Maggie Reply

      Hello Patty,
      I injured my shoulder recently, However, depending on when you would need the dress. I may be able to. If you can send more info to my email we can get started.
      <3 Maggie

  4. Michele Reply

    I have about 10 quilts that my grandmother made in the 70’s. Do you know where I could sell them? Thank you

    • Maggie Reply

      Other then Ebay, Cragslist, or Etsy I do not know. May I inquire as why you are wanting to sell them?
      <3 Maggie <3

  5. LynnMahoney Reply

    I have a cushion cover off of a couch that needs a new zipper. The zipper is approx. 52 ” and goes around a curve in the pillow. Is this something that you can do and approximately how much would it cost? Also, exactly where are you located – I live in Brooksville. Please let me know.

    Thank you

    Lynn Mahoney

  6. Claudia Reply

    Good Morning,

    I live in Spring Hill and I was searching on line for reupholstery in my area. I found your website. I have four kitchen bar stools that I need to get the top of them reupholstered. I would like to know if this is something that you do. If you need a picture of them, I can send you one. Please let me know. I would like a quote.

    Thank you,

    • Maggie Reply

      Yes, I do upholstery. Sorry it took so long. Silly me broke my toe recently and it has been a long few days. That and your comment went into spam folder. Hmmmm I wonder why? Send me a picture and I can give you a quote.

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Due to medical issues, I am no longer taking orders. Thank you to all my loyal customers, if something should change in I will let everyone know. <3 <3