107 yr old "lady" being a pain.

So for the better part of today I put my “new” stretched Class 15 Singer onto my quilt frame. This in and of it self was not an easy undertaking. I had to drill new holes, do some wiring work, move the bars. etc, etc. ( Must remember to have DH with me when I do this again). I get it all set up turn on Rose to give her a test drive, and she is vibrating…the whole frame and everything! I have tried to put cork underlay under her hoping that the vibration would stop. It lessen it but not much. Does anyone know what I can do to stop the vibration? I really do not want to put my Singer 241-11 back onto the frame, Berta weighs close to like 60 lbs.. Not to mention that the harp on Berta is only 11 inches where as Rose is 16.

Yes I love electrical tape. =)

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