Blessings of My life…

      So here at Quilt in The Woods things have been super busy. Mr. Wolf was finally able to get a certain phone company to run a line out to the studio, which is now called a production building, after almost 2 months of hassle. Although, we did find out that my router out there is bad and needs to be replaced. But Hey there is internet in the studio!
      I now also have a new web site, Quilt in the Woods ! Mr. Wolf is still constructing it. Actually, he is starting all over because I did not like the original site… I don’t know if you have ever been to Dana’s site, MADE, (here is a link check it out it is AWESOME!=) But that is my inspiration, I LOVE her! I hope to get her book that is all about fabric the next time I am in town. So, anyways,  I am hoping it will be up and running soon. 
      What I am super duper excited about is the fabric I just received! While driving home one day a couple of weeks ago, I saw a sign saying “quilt fabric” I ( very safely) pulled a uie (hmmm is that a word?) And called the number on the sign. Needless to say I discover an retired quilt shop owner. I bought all of her fabric! Like a thousand or so yards.
       My studio is a mess!

                       This is just one section..
        However, slowly I am getting it all put away and organized. 

     I found this app for my phone that uses bar codes to keep track of my inventory, so it is taking longer then normal. Yet, come tax time I know that this will pay off. 

        I came to the realization last night that I am blessed. I look around me and I see people’s life going haywire. I started studying the Bible with the Jehovah Witnesses in the early summer of this year. While my life is not perfect, I have found that by studying and attending meeting that it has become more enjoyable. I tried to keep my spiritual life separate from my work life. But as most of you know that isn’t always possible. Especially when it is because of God, that I have made it this far. 
        Over the course of the next few weeks I will post tutorials on the Tie I made my boys and setting up your own bar coding system. 

 Preview of tie.

        Until next time, Go an make an heirloom.
<3 Maggie

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