Learning PATIENCE…A Review of 2013

I haven’t blogging in over a month and to be honest, the last post was not anything to write home about. I have a difficult time finding the motivation to actually even look at the website. ( Crazy, I know!) See I thought that once the site was live and everything that the orders would be flying off the shelves. Well. Yea. They. Are. Not.  Not many people actually have even been to the website, which is another one of my problems I guess.  So if anyone has suggestions on how to increase the traffic to the site, go ahead and let me know! ( lol)

NE ways, at least I am back in the studio. While I am not working on customer orders,  I am trying my hand at making made myself a fleece jacket. It is fast becoming one of my favorite pieces of clothing. It is bright green neon green.

Green fleece jacket


I also made a cap jacket with a  faux  fur trimmings.  I found a great blog  here  with the pattern and instructions. 











For the few days I have been working on a slip and camisole. Which I will be posting a tutorial hopefully in the next  few days. 

Slip and camisole

Slip and camisole



Sorry about the fuzzy pictures. I was using the backup camera because I was to lazy to go out to the studio to get it, =) I learned a bunch doing the slip and camisole. 

As I write this entry I started thinking about what 2013 looked like for me. It has brought many different changes for me.  Mr. Wolf and I came to Jehovah. We also started home schooling our children, we also took steps to get Quilt in the Woods from a hobby business to an actual business. Mr. Wolf and his friend got the web site up and running.  Professionally I have learned and grew leaps. At the beginning of the year I would have never have thought that I would be making clothes and not quilts.  Nor would I have ever thought I would have been doing alterations for customers.

The biggest event of this year. Mr. Wolf and I finally got married.  It was beautiful and stressful. I never though I get married again after my first one ended badly.  Mr. Wolf and I have been through thick and thin. I know him and I don’t always see eye to eye. But I am pretty lucky. I wouldn’t trade him for the world. So while things may not being going as fast with the website as I would like. I am reminded everyday how blessed I am, and that patience is not my strongest charter strength. 

My hope for everyone is that 2014 brings joy and happiness that 2013 has brought me. Thank you all for your support and reading my rants.

<3 Maggie 











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