Doctor Aggravations!


So, the zillion doctor’s appointment have started. I went last Thursday to my pcp (primary care physician) who saw me for a whopping 10 minutes. She told me I gain 24 pounds i n two years, then told me to have blood work done.

Nothing to help with the pain.

Nothing to help with the numbness .

Nothing to help with any of the other symptoms I experience every day.

Not even a referral to the neurologist.

Well I try to make an appointment with a neurologist , they have me an appointment in August . I called a different doctor. I ended up in the ER Thursday night. More blood work And CT scan,  I do not have a connected tissue disease. Yet I still  have the migraine that I have had since Tuesday.

I went for the blood work this morning and of course the lab tech’s were rude. Or maybe it is just me. Last time I checked I was the patient, or customer. Which means I’m the one who is supposed to be taken care of. Right?  I am not a number, or a claim. And if my doctor’s refuse to help me in a timely manner. I will simply get new doctor’s…

I go to the new neurologist in the morning.

<3 Magge

3 comments on “Doctor Aggravations!”

  1. Nicole Reichrath Reply

    Keep your head up Maggie this too shall pass. Where’s Dr. House when we need him right? I do have a connective tissue disease myself you may or may not know it’s rare sticklers syndrome headaches are part of it for me because of glaucoma…. only advice I can offer look for the humor in everything! Love your blog you’re a great writer 🙂

  2. Natasha Reply

    Some medical ‘professionals’ don’t get that we go to them because we need answers… we don’t do this for fun. I expect to be treated like a human being. I wish you all the best & that you get the help & answers you need.

    • Maggie Reply

      Thank you. No many doctors now of days are more worried about how many patients the are going to see in a day. I have found a new neurologist since this post was written. I will be writing a new entry soon, be on the look out for it!
      <3 Maggie

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