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Yes, you read the heading correctly. I haven’t bought laundry soap since about January of this year. I also haven’t bought dishwasher detergent since about March. For two reason, One: I am trying to get away from as many unnecessary chemicals in my family’s life. Do you know what is in laundry soap? Or better yet, can you even pronounce it? I know I can’t.  I make many things from scratch and eat processed food as little as possible, so why wouldn’t I do the same in other area’s of my life?

Two: This is probably  the most important reason.  I rather spend the money on FABRIC! ( shhhh don’t tell Mr. Wolf lol) Here is the numbers for all you penny savers:
I use to use A certain brand of sensitive skin laundry soap. 
$7.88 for 150 oz. Which is a 100 loads.  With a family of 5, that last about a month.  On Wal-Marts site it says it cost about 12 cents a load. 
Ok. First before I go further, This is NOT my idea. I have tweaked it from the original poster ( or where I found the recipe) Here is a link to that page, http://www.icanteachmychild.com/2011/02/make-it-homemade-liquid-laundry-soap-1/ 
I have to give credit where it is due =)
Now, where was I? Oh yea, So you will need 3 things to make your own laundry soap- 4 if you want it to smell a certain way.

Arm & Hammer Washing Soda was  $3.88 ish
Mule Team Borax was $3.88ish
and Zote was $0.94  
I rounded everything up which is where I get my $9.00 total from. 
I shaved the Zote up,  added 4 cups of water and boiled it until it was a smooth and all the Zote was melted. I stirred it often for about 10 min. 
While this was melting, ( this is where my recipe difference from www.icanteachmychild.com ) I added 2 cups of Arm & Hammer Washing Soda and 1 1/2 cups of Borax to the 5 gallon bucket with hot water. 

I mixed this then added the Zote straight from the stove. Don’t worry if there is soap on the bottom of your pot, a little hot water and slight scrub will get it off.  I then filled the bucket with hot water.
And mixed. You will need something that goes all the way to the bottom of the bucket. I will be investing in a paint paddle for my drill, but today I used a pizza thingy. 
I stirred it well then put the cover on the bucket and let it sit all day. After dinner, I stirred it up again and was ready to make up my batches of soap. 
As you can see after sitting all day it is basically soap jello ( the pizza thingy is not being held by anyone lol) To break up the jello into something that pours, I used my hands and the pizza thingy. 
It is still a little clumpy but easy to force through a funnel into your chosen containers. 
The soap in the bucket is concentrated. So I filled my containers half with the concentrate and half with HOT water. If you are using a gallon jug it works out to be 8 cups of concentrate and 8 cups of water. I made all 3 here. The two laundry container are going downstairs to the laundry room, the gallon jug is what I use in my dishwasher. Total time was about 30 min ( split between making and mixing).
It cost $9.00 to make 10 gallons of soap or 1280 oz. Which means that every ounce of soap cost me…wait for it .007 cents. Not bad. And I am not even taking into account that if I buy more Zote, I still have enough of the washing soda and borax to make more.  
There you have it. How I haven’t bought laundry soap in almost a year. And for those of you who are wondering. It is low suds so it can be used in HE washers. (I own Samsung HE washer and dryer so personally tested). Clothes come out clean. My DMIL is sensitive to everything, and hasn’t had a problem since I switched. And my dishes are clean also. 
Instructions on using the DIY Laundry and dishwasher soap.
For clothes, I use the cap that comes with my old laundry bottles. 
For dishwasher, I fill the little compartments. ( I haven’t replaced my dishwasher yet so it is old lol). 
I do not measure the reason is, my daughter does dish’s as her chore so simple is good. And I am not always the one who does the laundry. Mamaw Wolf and Mr. Wolf does their fair share, and once again, simple is good. 
Sorry that this is such a long post. I hope you enjoy and it made sense. Feel free to leave a comment or ask me a question. <3

My First Tutorial!

You know what they say, necessity is the mother of all inventions.  Which was true this time also. I needed a bigger table for my cutting mat.  My previous cutting area was on top of a ironing board I had made a few years back. 

Old pressing cutting station.

As you can see, it was not very large ( it is the blue diamond fabric). So I decided to make a bigger one.

What it started out as. 

The 6 drawer dresser I re-purposed was my hubby’s when he was a kid. I think then it went through his first marriage, then I turned it into a changing table when Chunk a Butt was born. As seen here. 

Well Chunk no longer needed it, then it went into his sister’s room for a year or so. Then we decided that it was too big in Her room. Which meant it ended up in the studio.  I am tall so when I placed my Ironing board on top of the dresser it was not high enough.  I used Mr. Wolf’s muscle and raised the dresser up on cinder blocks ( I know, I know, I am a redneck). Cinder Blocks by the way are the BOMB! They can be used for so many different things, but that is a different post.

I do not have a picture of a complete before. Sorry. Take my word that the pressing/cutting station was too high..and imagine me going grrrrr! 

Drawers where removed. 

So with out further delay, I present my tutorial on making your own pressing cutting station! ( please excuse the mess, studio is currently in the middle of a remodel lol)

First I removed all the drawers. 

Support added.

 Then I added supports blocks on the back using screws. I tried the nails and hammer, yea, I like power tools better. 😀

Added “extensions”. 

Next, I added the extensions to make the dresser top bigger. There are more L brackets under the wood that you can not see. 


I then took some left over
paint and painted the
whole thing. 

Then the whole thing was brought outside and sanded.

Dry brush painted.

Drawers getting painted

 I sanded a little to give it a more aged look. 

 100% cotton batting is stapled to the top. 

 Then a layer of Insul-Bright. Shinny side up. This is what makes it a “pressing ” station. 

 Final step is to cover all the layers with pretty fabric. You can not see it but there are tiny roses all over this. 

 Finished project. The color is suppose to be some shade of lavender ( or so Mr. Wolf says), I call it bubble gum pink. Any time I want to iron all I have to do is remove my cutting mat.  I may also make a skirt for this at some point in the future. Ya know to hide the cinder blocks.
I hope you enjoyed my very first tutorial.  Now it is off to bed for me!

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