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Update! Studio Renovation.

 Studio renovation is taking much longer then expected =(   Here is a preview of what has been going on in the studio.  See the osb? I am going to paint and then hang shelving so I can organize all of my quilting, sewing, crafting and DIY gizmo’s and gadgets.  This wall is where the

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Pssst, I Haven’t bought laundry soap in almost a year! I make my own =)

Yes, you read the heading correctly. I haven’t bought laundry soap since about January of this year. I also haven’t bought dishwasher detergent since about March. For two reason, One: I am trying to get away from as many unnecessary chemicals in my family’s life. Do you know what is in laundry soap? Or better yet, can you even pronounce it?

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Due to medical issues, I am no longer taking orders. Thank you to all my loyal customers, if something should change in I will let everyone know. <3 <3